Our Learning Philosophy

We view our preschool ministry as a service to the families and children of our community who desire quality Christian childcare and academic enrichment for their children beginning with ages 4 months through our Pre-Kindergarten program.

We believe that each child is an unique and special gift from God and should be encourage to progress at his or her own rate of speed toward enriched experiences, self-discipline and the ability to make good choices. Our goal is to provide an early education that develops the whole child by providing a preschool experience with biblical values and principles woven throughout, such as:

Intellectually: by encouraging an enthusiasm for learning through exploring and hands-on experiences and by providing strong curriculum based instruction to challenge and teach our children.

Physically: by providing experiences that will develop large and small muscle coordination and motor skills through play.

Socially/Emotionally: by encouraging whole group participation activities, getting along with others, building character and virtues and developing a feeling of security and belonging.

Spiritually: by providing a Bible time and by integrating a biblical worldview throughout the curriculum. We want to model Christ-centered character qualities through the love of our teachers and the responses given to the children in our card. Bible stories, songs and prayer give children awareness of God's love for them. 

Creatively: by encouraging the exploration of art mediums, creative experiences and music. God tells us through scripture that children need time to grow. 

“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and Man.”
— Luke 2:52

Different levels of activity, development and learning styles are expected, accepted and used to design appropriate activities.

Our programs include a variety of activities allowing for differences in young children. There is a balance of free choice and planned activities. In all activities we strive to build the child’s self-concept in a loving, safe and accepting environment.